Intranet Solution Fulfilling helicopter and fixed wing
  operators' needs
   Comtiki Ltd
   Contacts is an intranet solution for helicopter and fixed wing operators. It is suitable for all types of aerial works including e.g. HEMS, SAR, lifting, firefighting, offshore, flight training, mustering, charter, VIP and pleasure operations and flights. fulfils all the operators’ needs regarding the operations management and documentation,monitoring and reporting.

The software has been developed continuously together with fixed wing and helicopter operators since 2003.
   Improves safety & saves time and money
  • Real time information - can be used through secure internet connection from anywhere at anytime
  • Flight, work, and rest time monitoring
  • Fulfils regulatory reporting needs, complies with e.g. JAR-OPS3, EASA, CASA, CAA and FAA
  • All the reports, documentation & other data available in one place.
  • Cuts the workload. Quick and easy to use.
  • Corporate communication tool