Intranet Solution Fulfilling helicopter and fixed wing
  operators' needs
   Comtiki Ltd
   Tools for the Management
  • Real time monitoring of operations, flight & duty times and limitations
  • Detailed user defined reports of all data collected. These reports are printable in Adobe Acrobat, MS Excel or HTML format, thus being easily exchangeable with other applications
  • Aircraft and pilot resource planning, rostering and monitoring
  • FCI, FCR and Bulletin publishing with digital acknowledgments licenses and ratings, including e-mail and/or sms alerts
  • Online document library for publishing and maintaining OPS manuals, regulations and other important documents
  • Maintain and manage the quality system with online discrepancy reports and deviation monitoring
  • Give an overview of all the flight operations with a single view
  • User and access levels managed by administrator(s)
The software has many different functions in order to save employees’ work time, fulfill regulations and enable all reporting.

Comtiki Ltd’s development team together with the operators are constantly creating new features. Current major modules include e.g.:
  • Work shift and duty management
  • Work, flight and rest time monitoring and reporting
  • Flight operations registration and management
  • Qualifications, ratings and certificates management
  • Full reporting, e.g. regulatory reports for JAR-OPS3, EASA, CASA, CAA and FAA
  • Bulletin service with acknowledgements
  • Document library
  • User management
  • Calendar enabling rostering and operations planning for pilots, crew and aircraft.
  • Aircraft information for maintenance
  • Deviation monitoring and discrepancy reports
   Tools for the pilot
  • Real time monitoring of flight & duty time limitations
  • Online FCI, FCR and Bulletins
  • Monitor personal licenses and qualifications with e-mail and/or sms pre-alerts
  • Printable Personal Pilot Logbook
  • Online access to deviation reports and Quality System
  • Online access to OPS manuals, regulations and other important documents