Intranet Solution Fulfilling helicopter and fixed wing
  operators' needs
   Comtiki Ltd
References has been globally in use since 2003 by operators offering medical services, regular scheduled flights, charter flights, other air works and contracted aerial services. Some of the featured references are shortly described below. Detailed operator experiences and contact details are available upon request.
SHT Ab has five medical helicopter bases in Finland and it is operating 24 h/day with EC135 helicopters. They are flying both HEMS and SAR flights and over 40 000 flight operations are already registered into the system. SHT also keeps their qualifications up to date with the software.

A governmental national border guard uses for managing their everyday work duties in protecting its borders and taking part in SAR operations.

Helitour in Finland has a fleet of 15 helicopter and is one of the leading flight training schools in Scandinavia. Helitour uses the software in its daily operations and training management. In addition to flight training, Helitour offers a wide range of versatile aerial work missions and commercial air transportation assignments. These include e.g. aerial photographing, cargo flights, charter flights, inspecting and clearing power lines, providing mast lift operations, support for reindeer farming and other game controliing etc.